All assets are place-holders and are bound to be changed later. Please don't sue me lol ;(

(Even the name is a working title)


This game is essentially Microsoft's Excel "Hall Of Tortured Souls" but as an FPS, and with a lot of   a e s t h e t i c   memes because we're really unoriginal.

Yes, this game is a meme.

No, we're actually serious about it.

Just read the tags and play the test version above so you know what you're dealing with.

You can help if you want, and have your name in the credits.

Just join our Discord and let your creativity flow. This is more of a community project rather than a closed-source product.

Discord Server

We do have a quality control, so if you just join to say stupid ideas we'll kick you (and then kick you out of the server).

jk we love u :)

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